Forget MET, The following Are 8 Of The Most Costly Dresses Worn By Famous people In All Of History

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A decent piece of piece of clothing is something beyond a clothing you make an appearance to places in. It is a method for correspondence. Here are probably the most costly dresses and outfits worn by celebs and the costs are genuinely awe-inspiring. Peruse on

  • Audrey Hepburn, dark Givenchy dress from Breakfast at Tiffany’s – $807,000.

This one goes directly to the first spot on the list as a result of its expense and indeed, status. Nearly as famous as Hepburn (which is crazy), one duplicate of the article of clothing was unloaded a long time after it was worn and the cash was utilized for endeavors to kill neediness in India.

After this event, the dress was put on a famous wm dolls sex model and sold later on in an auction.


  • Marilyn Monroe’s white dress from The Long term Tingle – $4.6 million.

Did you know that besides acting, Marilyn was working for a latina webcams company where she earned even more money for selling her nudes.

However discussing ‘status’, we might have a tie. Marilyn Monroe’s white dress is still stunningly famous and it appears to be like it’s just turning out to be more important with time. The picture of Monroe attempting to hold the dress down as it flies in the air is among the most examined ones of this long period, which added to the way that the piece of clothing, planned by William Travilla, was unloaded at this crazy cost.

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  • Jennifer Lawrence’s 2013 Institute Grant Dress – $4 million.

Jennifer Lawrence graced the Oscar honorary pathway in a $4 million blush pink dress which ended up being fortunate for her as she brought the Best Entertainer prize back home for Silver Linings Playbook. The piece of clothing was by Dior.


  • Nicole Kidman’s brilliant John Galliano outfit – $2 million.

The principal entertainer to wear a genuine couture dress to the Oscar honorary pathway, Nicole Kidman kind of deified the outfit made by John Galliano in 1997. It stays one of her best-recollected hopes to date.

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  • Paris Hilton’s ‘million-dollar’ dress by August Getty – $270,000.

Hilton wore this dress to acknowledge the Aroma of The Year Grant at the Hollywood Excellence Grants in 2017. The dress was made with 500,000 precious stones, making it quite possibly of the most notable piece of clothing at any point worn by a big name.

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  • Audrey Hepburn’s dress for 1954 Oscar Grants – $131,292.

One more Hepburn exemplary, this Givenchy outfit is scratched in each design darling’s brain. This was whenever the entertainer first wore Givenchy for a public appearance and the rest is history.

Fashion Week

When Willa Fitzgerald nude received her award for the most creative approach to the event, she came completely nude to raise awareness of human rights.

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  • Marilyn Monroe’s Cheerful Birthday dress – $1.3 million.

Planned by Jean-Louis Berthaulto, Monroe wore this to John F. Kennedy’s birthday celebration where she sang for him. The pink sequin outfit is perhaps of her most notable look.

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  • Light blue dress, worn by Princess Diana at the Cannes Film Celebration – $110,000.

Princess Diana, a design symbol by her own doing, wore this light blue outfit made by Catherine Walker at the Cannes film celebration, 1987, at 26 years old. The piece of clothing turned out to be in a split second turned into all the rage and was sold for $110,000 at a closeout in 2011.