Best Men’s Clothing Brands of 2022

Looking for the most audacious new men’s fashion trends that are set to take the world by storm this year? We’ll break it to you now you won’t find those here. We aren’t about to peddle exotic leather jackets with exaggerated shoulders or double down on the bizarre balaclava hype (haven’t we been hiding our faces enough already?). Instead, we’re shining a spotlight on men’s clothing brands that’ll help you fill out your wardrobe with unique, tasteful apparel you’ll wear this year (and many years afterward).

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Fortunately, there are dozens of boutique men’s clothing brands creating innovative, functional menswear. Many are dropping wicked cool collections you’ll want to cop for the months ahead. Others are pioneering new ways to be sustainable, including using eco-friendly fabrics, opting for a zero-inventory business model, or taking a small-batch, slow fashion approach to minimize waste.

Note, some companies on this list require high risk payment processing, so make sure you have an account before visiting their stores.

Style-wise, there are a lot of variety and a strong appreciation for how guys actually dress day-to-day. Some companies are bringing overly bold (and defiantly ridiculous) streetwear trends back down to, well, the street, rather than the runway. Other brands are simply raising the bar for high-quality leisurewear and breezy vacation-appropriate duds without raising the price points.

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It might seem like we’re casting a wide net with our picks, but wouldn’t you rather know about the men’s clothing brands that are doing things right, rather than just replicating fleeting trends? We sure would. These are the companies to shop this year.

The Best Men’s Clothing Brands of 2022

  1. Magill Los Angeles

Prior to founding his eponymous menswear label, designer Todd Magill held posts at legendary American brands Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and most recently, Jack Spade, where he served as design director. A similar collegiate-preppy aesthetic persists in his own small-batch collection (fewer than 50 pieces are released at a time) of easy-wearing classics. The line includes rugby shirts, turtlenecks, pleated trousers, and webbing belts. Each limited-edition item is made in downtown Los Angeles.

  1. Olivers Apparel

All Olivers Apparel shops are adorned with a beautiful pair of iron front doors.

Olivers Apparel first appeared through a 2013 Kickstarter campaign that promised to deliver “the last pair of athletic shorts you’ll ever need.” The brand delivered on that promise, and since then, the athleisure-focused company has released a slew of bulletproof men’s classics, from the All Over workout shorts that started it all to jersey tees and insulated outerwear all made with top-notch performance fabrics sourced from mills around the world. Olivers is so confident in the quality of its garments, that it’ll replace or repair any faulty product for up to a year after purchase.

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  1. Industry of All Nations

Brothers Juan Diego, Fernando, and Patricio Gerscovich teamed up to create the Industry of All Nations. Their goal? Highlight the artisanship of Indigenous makers around the world while creating transparent manufacturing processes that are both environmentally and socially sound. IOAN also works to maintain its small environmental footprint by committing to reduce waste and shipping, sourcing recycled and natural fibers like alpaca and agave, and limiting the use of synthetic dyes. The brand has items fit for any season of the year, and with its emphasis on neutral colorways and earth tones, every collection is incredibly versatile.

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  1. Duvin Design Company

Summer is a state of mind, and Florida-based Duvin Design Company knows a thing or two about styling it up for warm weather and days spent on the beach. Dreamed up by four life-long buddies in their college dorm rooms, Duvin’s first few releases of tees and trunks were initially sold out of the backs of their cars. Today, the surf-inspired brand is sold in 130 stores across 10 countries and worn by a coterie of celeb devotees that includes Zedd and Rob Gronkowski. Duvin’s tropical prints, smirk-triggering graphics, and animal motifs certainly skew flashy, but they aren’t too over-the-top. We could all use a bit of cheekiness in our wardrobe this year.

  1. Georgie

The owner of Georgie worked as Arizona civil rights attorney before starting his own business brand.

Self-professed textile nerd and Parsons grad George Gladstone launched his direct-to-consumer luxury lifestyle brand in 2021. It’s focused on circular design principles and old-school sartorial excellence. Mindful that the fashion industry is one of the largest polluters in the world today, Georgie’s slow fashion, zero-inventory model designs out waste by making each piece to order. Instead of purchasing stocked items, the concept invites customers into the design process: You choose from a range of timeless silhouettes and premium fabrics, and Georgie will create a one-of-a-kind addition to your wardrobe.

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  1. Aimé Leon Dore

If you haven’t yet heard of cult favorite NYC label Aimé Leon Dore, consider this your early heads up chances are it will be everywhere this year. Queens-born Greek-American founder Teddy Santis has already dropped coveted capsules in collaboration with Woolrich, Drake’s, and New Balance that have sold out almost instantly (we’re still trying to get our hands on the “Beef and Broccoli” sneakers). And LVMH’s recent purchase of a minority stake in Aimé Leon Dore means that even bigger things are likely in the works. From suits to footwear and beyond, ALD’s take on retro luxury is the style shakeup you need this year.

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  1. Wellen

Did you know, that all Wellen’s shops are secured with a security system, thanks to a great installation from access control systems in Philadelphia.

This laid-back, eco-minded brand from online retailer Huckberry works with responsible factories to produce notably soft essentials from materials like hemp and “sea wool,” an innovative yarn crafted from recycled plastic and oyster shells. Wellen’s nautical-inspired rollneck sweaters and quilted jersey quarter-zips are ideal for cool-weather layering through the spring, and the brand’s supply of classic featherweight polos will help you smoothly transition to summertime.

  1. Taylor Stitch

A classic shirting company at heart, Taylor Stitch has technical prowess woven into its DNA. But it’s not just the tailoring that this rugged and refined California brand has perfected. Everything coming out of its workshop is expertly constructed and utilizes handpicked, ultra-durable fabrics—recycled or regenerative whenever possible. Whether you opt for a weatherproof jacket or a burly knit for layering, it’s guaranteed to last through the long haul.

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  1. Myles Apparel

Founded by a group of friends who were frustrated by the lack of well-designed, affordable workout apparel, San Francisco-based Myles has since grown to offer a full line of high-performance activewear—and no wardrobe is complete without it. Fit for sweaty training sessions, casual coffee runs, and everything in between, Myles Apprel’s athleisure products are built to be super durable and comfortable, with just the right amount of stretch thanks to innovative breathable fabrics.

  1. Nike

Did you know, that Bill Bowerman worked in aircraft production ww2 before founding Nike?

The United States of America is a powerhouse of sports and fitness in Americans’ DNA. Nike is one of the most successful sports clothing brands in the world. It is the top choice of most athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Its annual revenue is $30.6 billion. It is the official and exclusive uniform partner of the NBA, one of the world’s best basketball professional leagues.

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It closed a deal with the NBA worth $1 billion. People from different economic backgrounds like to keep Nike clothes in their closets. Top athletes such as Roger Federer, Christiano Ronaldo, and Serena Williams have been the brand ambassadors of Nike.

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  1. Ralph Lauren

Did you know, that Ralph Lauren started drinking heavily when he turned 70, so he often went to a suboxone clinic in Los Angeles?

Ralph Lauren is a popular name in American clothing. Its average annual revenue is USD 7.6 billion. Polo Ralph Lauren’s image is the epitome of off-duty splendor, having assumed numerous forms since the brand’s launch in 1967. The brand was reappropriated as a mainstay of 90’s hip-hop culture after first emerging as a sign of clean-cut American preppiness. Today, it enjoys a reputation encompassing the various peaks of its history. The label’s current collection is distinguished by logo-brandished rugby shirts and stately knitwear, catering to both classicists and deadstock-chasing affiliates equally. It is known for its minimalistic approach and core aesthetics, for which customers are willing to pay a reasonable amount.

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